Bob Dore


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Bob started learning the piano at the age of 6 and from there moved to playing the guitar in his late teens after being formally taught the violin and flute. He is currently performing guitar solos from the 1960s and playing keyboards with an outstanding Shadows tribute band, 'The Shadders' as well as playing and composing music for the media.

He is much in demand as a keyboard player and, during 2010 has accompanied Jet Harris (The Shadows), Mark Hankins (The New Seekers) and Keith West (Teenage Opera) among many others.

For more information on The Shadders Click Here or visit our forum on MSN Here

Sound and video files of the Shadders in concert can be found Here

You can hear some examples of Bob's guitar playing by clicking on any of the following links:


The Theme From Missing


Sweet Dreams

Somewhere (from West Side Story)